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"Preparing meals 

that are nourishing to your mind, body but most importantly to your soul"

Mind Body & Soul Food was established in 2014 in order to empower men & women to consume foods that are nutritional to both their mind body & soul. We wanted to break the stigma that healthy foods are "boring" and "lack flavor". We specialize in a plant base nutritional guide that changes seasonally which in turn makes us unique. Mind Body & Soul Food offers meal preparation,demos and nutritional guides to get you and your family a step closer to that lifestyle that you always envisioned.

Within the past year Holly Clayton has helped clients overcome health obstacles by simply getting back to the basics while allowing nature to prescribe the essential tools for your health. A lot of times people want to eat better but are unsure where to start and this is where we step in. (check out the "Service Tab" to get your meal plan started.) 


Warm Chickpea Salad 

Infused Alkaline water, Left: berry, mint fuji apples Right: Lemon, lime & Mint 

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